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What is the temperature in Jaldapara/ Pelling during winter and summer?

Summer :
  • Jaldapara30-25 Degree Celsius
  • Pelling 17-20 Degree Celsius
  • Gangtok 17-24 Degree Celsius
  • Jaldapara 10 -- 15 Degree Celsius
  • Pelling 2-10 Degree Celsius
  • Gangtok 05-12 Degree Celsius

Do I have to carry woollen clothes in the month of May-September?

Light woollen clothes are preferred in the month May- Pelling and Gangtok and None in Jaldapara in Winter Heavy Woolens are required in Gangtok, Pelling and Jaldapara.

How far is Pelling from Siliguri?

Pelling is 5 hours drive from Siliguri.

How far is Gangtok from Siliguri?

Pelling is 4 hours drive from Siliguri.

How far is Jaldapara from Siliguri?

Jaldapara is 3 hours drive from Siliguri.and 30 Minutes from Phuntsholing – Bhutan Border it is also a ideal stop over place for Bhutan trips.

Is it safe to travel towards Jaldapara at night?

Jaldapara is a very safe destination and can be travelled anytime.

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